Find the Best Massage in Andheri and Have a Great Massage Day

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Finding a massage in Andheri is no huge feat – the challenge lies in finding the perfect one to suit your needs. Andheri is a huge region that is split up into Andheri East and Andheri West. It is a tourist hotspot in Mumbai with a lot of attractions to offer. With huge crowds come diverse tastes and if there is one thing that holds true for Mumbai, it is the fact that they know how to cater to diverse needs.

The average massage parlour in Andheri is going to offer you a whole host of massages, therapies, and massages. The most popular ones in Andheri will offer you everything from Thai to Swedish in massage and in all forms. When in Andheri, you get everything from couples’ massages to one-on-one therapy.

Get a massage in Andheri while on a whirlwind tour of Mumbai. You can customize your massage down to the sex of your massage therapist. These options are offered because a massage is a very personal service and the sex of the therapist might cause the clients some embarrassment. Choose the type of massage that you want to find and enjoy a great day.

Find the Perfect Women’s Massage Parlour in Andheri

Lots of women have body image issues and are uncomfortable with the idea of removing their clothing in the vicinity of other men. The simplest solution to this source of embarrassment is to go to a special women’s massage parlour in Andheri.

These massage parlours usually have a choice of staff between male and female. However, the most popular choice is generally female staff. This not only enables the women to enjoy the massage freely, but also gives them the option to talk about specialized need for women. This is especially true for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Go to a Men’s Massage Parlour in Andheri

Some men are just as conscious of their body as women are. So, if you feel uncomfortable going to a massage in Andheri that houses both men and women, you can simply opt for a men’s parlour instead. The massages are generally not restricted to only one sex, so you can avail any massage just as easily.

A men’s massage in Andheri also hosts both male and female staff. However, the most popular choice of staff is usually female. This is largely due to the fact that most men dislike the idea of other men massaging them. It could also be due to the fact that most men enjoy the company of the opposite sex when they want to relax.

Find the Best Unisex Massage Parlour in Andheri

There are also unisex parlors that offer a massage experience for men and women alike and the staff include both sexes as well. A popular unisex massage in Andheri sees up to twenty customers in a day during peak tourist season.

Unisex parlours are the most frequented massage parlours in Andheri. They offer the widest range of massages and house a much larger team of specialists. With a little bit of our help, finding these parlours is quite easy too.

The most popular type of massage in unisex parlours is the couples’ massage therapy. If you are on a honeymoon, going straight to a massage at Andheri may not be such a bad idea. In fact, during peak tourist seasons, lots of massage have honeymoon packages. During certain times in the year, there are definite discounts for couples’ massage therapies as well.

The Most Popular Types of Massages

As with any service category, certain massages are far more popular than others. Get your favorite massage in Andherinow for a great time in Mumbai.

We can help you find the following massages available in a massage center in Andheri:

  • Thai Massage : Originating in Thailand, the most common types of Thai massages are either foot massages or back massages. The most popular type of Thai massages include the hot stone therapy and the herb bun therapy and they both have lots of unique benefits.
  • Swedish massage : As the name suggests, this is a combination of techniques that originated in Sweden. This includes full body massage therapy as a combination of different techniques. The abdomen massage is particularly popular in the Western World and is famed to be quite relaxing.
  • Aroma Massage : Aroma massages are a form of Swedish massage. The idea behind it is that certain aromatic plant extract oils when inhaled or absorbed through the skin have a lot of benefits. This therapy affects the limbic system directly to bring about positive physical changes.
  • Ayurvedic Massage : This is possibly one of the oldest form of massage therapies known to mankind. Believed to have originated in the Indus Valley Civilization, Ayurvedic massages use lots of different techniques including herbal ones and is believed to have definite healing properties.

Why Massages are So Popular Worldwide

With every passing year, the stress levels in every individual have been increasing. There are lots of people with monotonous desk jobs that lead stagnant lives with next to zero activities in their life. Massages have been around for a really long time and they are one of the best known natural ways to relax and unwind. We find lots of people looking for different types of messages just to spice up their lives as well.

There is no way to stop people from having desk jobs. This is the natural progression of modern jobs. What we all can do is spend a day at a really good massage. In some cases, people get into couples’ massages just to add a little bit of massagerk in their dead romantic life.

Massages have proven health benefits – especially physiological ones. We realize that few people have the time to go and find a good massage in Andheri for themselves. This is where our services come into play. At Massage Mumbai, we try our level best to find as many reliable options for a great massage day as we can.

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