Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need a spa treatment?

We can go to a spa to relieve our stress and rejuvenate our beauty. The concept of Spa is the natural blending of advanced skin care with the body and facial rejuvenation services in the relaxing atmosphere. Spa mainly focuses on relaxation, aromatherapy, and wellness.

What is an aromatherapy?

Aroma Spa Therapy is the culmination of aromatherapy, the therapeutic use of essential oils and water. Aromatherapy is an excellent start to any of the massage and bodywork treatments. Aroma Spa Therapy can assist you in overcoming the effects of stress in your life.

Why do we need body polishing?

Body polishing is an intensely luxurious pampering for your skin that will leave you feeling soft and silky smooth. Body polishing exfoliates your skin and removes dead cells. This brings up the fresh healthy cells and makes you look young and attractive.

How often should I get a spa therapy?

You can get a spa treatment at regular interval to keep your skin healthy and bright. Spa therapy also helps you to reduce strain and stress.

How to choose a right spa treatment?

When it comes to massage therapy, there is no shortage of treatments that you can choose from. Enhance your beauty and state of mind at your nearest parlor today. But with all the options out there, how do you know what is right for you? Luckily, the experienced team of Massage Mumbai is here to help you.

What should I wear during my spa treatment?

Spa centers ask you to disrobe completely for your body treatments. For your comfort, disposable underwear and a bathrobe are provided. Our therapists are trained to drape you for privacy appropriately.

How and when should I make my Spa appointment?

Reservations for our Massages Mumbai should be made by calling the Spa directly at +91 70391 92240. We usually recommend that you schedule your Spa services well ahead of time to ensure the widest selection of treatments.